ZIM credentials for students

ZIM credentials for students

How to get your ZIM credentials

You should have received your username and password along with the enrolment documents from the Student Registration Office after matriculation. The details are as follows:

  • Username: name01
  • Context/area: i-p.stud.uni-passau
  • Password: abcd1234

What do you need the ZIM credentials for?

Using the ZIM credentials you can access the University’s IT services, e.g.:

How long are the ZIM credentials valid for?

You will retain your account credentials and your e-mail account until the end of the semester in which you are de-registered from the University. They cannot be extended beyond that date. However, you will be able to access Stud.IP and HISQIS for one more semester.

Please be sure to back up any data still needed after your ZIM credentials lapse on a personal storage medium!

Your e-mail address

All new students are given a University e-mail address, which is specified in the enrolment documents. Example: name01@gw.uni-passau.de. The University will send important notifications and programme-relevant information to this e-mail address. If you wish, you can set up a forwarding rule to your own private e-mail account.

Accessing your e-mail account

Request a new password

Have you forgotten your password or need to request a new one? New password request form

Accessing the University network