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Log in to the campus network systems

Log in to the campus network systems

ZIM identification and your password

Digital campus: login to our computer systems

You need to use your campus network username (e.g. lastname06) and password to log in to most of the University's computer systems.


Click the Stud.IP logo to log in

Use Stud.IP to coordinate your courses and events, put together your timetable or download course materials.


Use HISQIS to register for examinations and manage existing registrations and print out transcripts and certificates.

Campus Portal

With Campusportal you can perform changes on your addresses. You may also print certificates and notifications. Another very important feature available on campus portal: use it to set private cell phone numbers as well as alternative e-mail addresses in order to use ZIM's convenient 24h password reset service.


Would you like to check your e-mail via web browser? We provide web access for GroupWise as well as Outlook/Exchange:


With Webaccess you get online access to your GroupWise e-mails.


With Outlook Web Access (owa) you get online access to your Exchange e-mails.


The ILIAS logo: click to log in

Virtual classroom functionality is what ILIAS is all about, putting the spotlight on the course syllabus and teaching.


Typo3 logo

Typo3 is the Content Management System (CMS) of the website of the University of Passau. To enable yourself to the usage you need to send a fully completed and signed Antrag auf Benutzerkennung (request of an account) to the ZIM.
At the time being there are two instances:
More information can be found on our help sites.


Micro Focus Filr is a system to exchange of files (internally and externally), which are supplied by you on your private network drive ("I drive").
All possibilities of access and an introduction video (ger) you find on our help sites.

InfoGuide of the university library

With the assistance of the InfoGuide you can browse the local catalogue plus the Bavarian compound catalogue as well as eBooks and E-journals. While on the go you can use the mobile version. For the order and account functions of the info guide you need the library number including the associated password. 

External access to the digital media of the university library

In order to use eBooks, e-journals as well as databases of the university library from home or on the road you have to log into the university network with your ZIM-identification through the external access of the university library. 

UniVideo – the University's media portal

The UniVideo logo: click to log in

Looking for recorded lectures, tutorials, trailers and news? UniVideo is a central media portal which holds audio-visual material from and about the University.

Personal organizer

The university of Passau is a member of the association Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes (DFN). If you are an employee, you can use the DFN personal organizer for free and without registering. Also, no IP addresses are stored while accessing the DFN personal organizer. All data of the appointment planning are exclusively saved in Germany at the DFN association, they will not be shared with third parties nor will they be used for any other purpose other than appointment scheduling. In addition to each scheduled appointment, a termination date must also be given. On this date the appointment including all given data automatically are deleted.


By the help of the Research Information System (Forschungsinformationssystem - FIS) you can maintain the current status of your research activities and embed information about your projects in an automated manner into your website. Besides - if you agree to that - , base data on your research project will be used for the central website "Forschungsprojekte" of the university.

Login to cooperative systems

You need to use your campus network username (e.g. lastname06) and password to log in to the University's cooperative computer systems.

Videoconferencing Service of DFN

Weekly systems maintenance window

A fixed weekly maintenance window has been set for Tuesdays until 10 a.m. This time slot is used to run maintenance and install updates for the University's telephone and computer systems, including Stud.IP, ILIAS and the media portal. If you are using one of these systems during this time slot, be aware that they may become unresponsive or unreachable without warning.